Altran Italia sponsor of the 16th Workshop on Automotive Software & Systems of Automotive Spin Italia.

The 16th Workshop on Automotive Software & Systems will be on February 21st, at Centro Ricerche FIAT, in Orbassano. It is organized by Automotive SPIN Italia, a group of automotive industry professionals, companies producing software-intensive components for cars, research institutes, universities and certification bodies whose purpose is to create a national network for the sharing of information, knowledge and experience in the field of improvement of the software development process.

Marino Difino, Advanced Solution Manager of Altran Italia, will give a speech entitled: ADAS HIL for Sensor Fusion:

As vehicles move towards autonomous capability, there is rising need for hardware-in-the loop (HIL) test capability to validate and verify functionality of ADAS system which are anticipated to play a central role for autonomous driving.

Altran Italia has integrated an innovative Vehicle Radar Test System (VRTS) based on National Instruments technologies and a 3D virtual road scenario simulator into a “Hardware In the Loop” set-up to produce a scenario-based test capability application that is fully synchronized between Camera and Radar in order to verify the “sensor fusion”.

The Workshop, whose participation is free, will be a moment of meeting and comparison on the problems open in the production, integration and acquisition of software-intensive components for motor vehicles and their compliance with current regulations.

For more information and to view the program, please visit the Automotive Spin Italy website.


White Paper

“ADAS HIL forsensor fusion”, a white paper by Altran - National Instruments

In the framework of a technical partnership, Altran and National Instruments have written together the white paper “ADAS HIL for Sensor Fusion”, presented during the NIWeek, held in Austin (Texas, US) from 22 to 25 May 2017. The white paper gives an overview of the innovative test environment suite developed by Altran Italia to address hardware in the loop validation for automotive front camera and radar with a loop directly closed on RF sensor (77GHz). Besides it reports solution concept, main outcomes from initial research efforts, key system-level elements used to implement the application.

Download the white paper