Altran Italia takes part at ABI Lab Forum and presents Bank Notes®, the new instant payment solution

Altran Italia takes part in the ABI Lab Forum and presents Bank-Notes® payment tech for banks, the new instant payment solution. Altran is a technical and commercial partner of Bank-Notes®, an innovative start-up that, with the homonymous patent, revolutionizes traditional payment systems with peer-to-peer solutions integrated into the services of its bank.

Visit the Altran booth on March 27th and 28th  2018 at the Spazio Eventiquattro in Milan (via Monte Rosa 91): visitors will be able to experiment the new instant payment app on mobile devices.

On 27 March, at 2.15 pm, in the Sala Rossa, Enrico Ambrosi (Sales Unit Director of the Financial Services Division) will be speaker in the “Payment Innovation” section with the speech entitled “Instant payment: the alter ego of cash”.

The ABI Lab Forum 2018, sponsored by the Agency for Digital Italy, this year is focused on the topic “Bank 4.0”, an increasingly open bank interested in Artificial Intelligence, robotics and cognitive computing. The representatives of banks, institutions, ICT companies and universities will meet to speak about the main areas of innovation and the evolution of processes and the application of technology in the banking world.

For further information about Bank-Notes® click here.

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Altran Italia partecipa al Forum ABI Lab e presenta Bank-Notes® payment tech for banks, la nuova soluzione di instant payment