Altran is partner of TEDxTorino

Industry 4.0 and sustainable mobility are the two topics with which Altran Italy will present to the audience of TEDxTorino “Ready Player X” on February 2, 2020. The company will showcase its expertise in the technological field by exhibiting the “Interactive & Virtual Factory”, a production plant that can be managed remotely via virtual reality, and “Alpha 2”, the virtual style concept of an electric super car.

The theme of this year’s TEDxTorino is the game, understood in all its meanings, which represents the link between some Altran projects based on virtual reality. When applied in the industrial sphere (“teaching games”), virtual reality represents one of the most practical and most widespread aspects in the evolution of gamification. Virtual training systems teach how to achieve a result, expanding the concept of “in-class learning” and help to engage and involve users, raise and improve the attention curve, collect information and surveys. These implementations demonstrate that virtual reality effectively adapts to the simulation of real situations.

Industry 4.0 and sustainable mobility in the Altran demos

The experts of the Technology Center will make participants experience the interaction and remote management of a complete production plant. The “Interactive Virtual Factory” is a unique example of its kind of digital twin connected to the real system. Taking advantage of the strategic partnership with Airbus, Altran interfaced a software with the Airbus industrial plant in Puerto Real, Spain, for the completely digitalized occasion. The system has been reproduced in immersive virtual reality within which the machinery and on-board screens are controlled through dedicated commands and gestures. Among the many possible options of this demo, it is possible to navigate inside the factory to check the machinery, observe the workstations and check every aspect in real time.

Will also be shown “Alpha2”, a virtual style concept relating to a reconfigurable electric super car developed thanks to the interaction of the skills of the Altran Design Center of Turin. The basis of the project is the study of human-machine interaction that accompanies the entire design phase: User Experience and User Interface developed simultaneously with the definition of the internal spaces and the external volume. Once the design guidelines were identified, the target personas were analyzed in order to define the system contents and their positioning within the vehicle layout. The result is an advanced and flexible HMI, with a hybrid language that mixes 2D / 3D elements, animations and physical components (such as the user recognition system via Fingerprints®) to display information on several distinct levels based on the user’s mood and their priority.

Alpha2, presented as a coupé, is an always connected and reconfigurable system followed by roadsters and SUVs that offers a 360 ° multisensory experience in a taylor made environment without interruption between the inside and outside of the car.

What is TEDxTorino

During the TEDTalks the speakers tell their ideas and insights in any field: from sociology to medicine, from pedagogy to international cooperation, from diplomacy to psychology. The videos are then collected on the platform.

The TEDxTorino is one of the local events, organized independently around the world, under a license granted by TED, and which have as their objective to bring together communities, organizations, individuals who can live an experience similar to that proposed by TED.

Titled “Ready Player X”, the Turin event will be focused on the theme of the game but above all on the emotions and inputs that come into play when you get involved. Innovators and personalities from the world of sport, industry, non-profit organizations and many other fields will be on the TEDxTorino stage to share valuable ideas based on the motto of TED: “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

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