Altran is partner of the global GSK Vaccines Innovation Summit, illustrating what benefits digital transformation can bring to the pharmaceutical value chain


GSK Vaccines is organizing a global Innovation Summit on February 20th-22nd at the Event Lounge in Brussels to tackle some of the key challenges that Life Sciences players face in the development of innovative, high-quality and efficient healthcare solutions to help protect people around the world.

The Vaccines Innovation Summit will gather GSK key stakeholders, start-ups from around the world and academics to collaborate on how digital technologies such as blockchain, AI, Big Data, Machine Learning can bring value to the vaccine industry.

Different initiatives such as a Rocket Challenge, demo days and key notes will reveal disruptive innovations.

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The digital transformation of the Life Sciences industry is rapidly changing the competitive landscape and represents a major opportunity for Life Sciences companies to continuously provide innovative products and services while improving value chain performance.

Altran, global leader in Engineering and R&D services is supporting players in the life sciences sector with more than 2800 dedicated experts. Altran provides multi-disciplinary expertise across the value chain combined with deep technology experience and extensive regulatory knowledge, to help its clients creating leading-edge solutions for the future of healthcare.

Altran will present its innovative solutions for interactive & virtual factory and the Altran “augmented operator” demonstration at the event, placing the human at the core of the digital transformation.  

A keynote animated by our World Class Center Advanced Manufacturing on “Being a Human in a Robotic World” will discuss the place of technologies in serving and protecting the human.

Furthermore Altran will provide personalized coaching for the best health tech startups selected to participate in the GSK Vaccines Challenges to propose disruptive solutions.


Ramon Antelo, Director of the Altran Advanced Manufacturing World Class Center, supports leading industrial players in transforming their manufacturing environments by integrating new manufacturing technologies, data, computational power, connectivity, analytics and intelligence, human-machine interaction and advanced robotics, together with operational excellence approaches.

Ramon will animate a keynote on « Being Human In A Robotic World » on the 21st of February at 11am and will share an innovative approach that put the human at the core of the transformation by taking into account 3 key roles:

  • Humans as creators of value
  • Humans as architects of transformation
  • Humans as accelerators of innovation
Companies that are the most successful on the transition towards the Industry of the Future will be those that place human at the heart of their Digital Transformation project. Ramon ANTELO Altran Managing Director Advanced Manufacturing World Class Center


  • Digitalization of Standard Operating Procedure

    Altran uses Augmented Reality to perform complex quality control tasks in the laboratory. Our AR Projector provides an enhanced surface that shows instructions over the work station being used in real time. The Artificial Vision system is able to recognize the user actions and provides guidance on what to do. Moreover, the system is able to trace the product life-cycle during the quality control process. Combined together, the solution brings the highest standards of quality, reducing delivery times and increasing reliability and safety for the patients.

  • Interactive & Virtual Factory

    Altran has developed an avatar of a real factory that provides access to all the information on the production and performance of its machines and to drive systems using virtual reality and thought-control technologies.

    Developed using design thinking techniques, the platform integrates a series of advanced technologies such as cognitive control, virtual reality development of very high definition environments, as well as a complete industrial internet of things system including sensors, platforms, networks and algorithms of Artificial Intelligence. A great demonstration of the extraordinary potential of these new digital technologies for the industry of the future.


Download our whitepaper to learn more about value creation in the Industry of the Future successful transformation approaches.

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