Open Day at the Altran Design Center in the framework of Turin Auto Show 2019

In the framework of the “Turin Auto Show” (19-23 June 2018), Altran Italia arranges the event entitled “Open Day at the Altran Design Center” on 20 June, from 3pm to 6 pm.

Altran will open the door of its Design Center: visitors will be able to discover over 1,200 square meters dedicated to innovation through new display technologies. Will be shown projects designed by our creatives for the most famous brands in the automotive field, like Alpha2, a virtual concept car conceived by the Altran Design Center about an electric super car.

The focus of Alpha2 project the “man-machine” interaction that runs through the whole design phase: the User Experience and User Interface have been defined from the definition and analysis of the personas (target). The key words of Alpha2 are: Seamless Experience, Tailor-Made Experience, Lets’Go!, which become concrete into a sporty two-seater electric coupé (which can become a roadster), suitable for everyday use, equipped with every modern system, driving assistance and an advanced HMI Concept. Alpha2 is equipped with a hybrid system that mixes 2D and 3D elements, animations and physical components (including fingerprints recognition), allowing information to be displayed on different levels based on their importance, situation or user mood of the user. Alpha2 offers a system that is always connected and a 360 ° multisensory experience, without interruption between the inside and the outside of the car.

Participants will be split into small groups, each round will last approximately 40 minutes. Altran Italia will communicate by email to each participant the assigned time slot of the visit. The participation is free of charge but places available are limited. Visitors have to register by sending an e-mail by June the 17th  to “”, writing in the object “Open Day all’Altran Design Center”.

The Design Center is located in Turin, Strada del Drosso 33 / 6B.

press release

PRESS RELEASE_Open Day at Altran Design Center during Turin Auto Show _20 June 2019