91 %

    of employees on permanent contract 






    hours of employee training in 2017 

Adapting to change

Our people are our most valuable asset. As an employer, we’re dedicated to supporting employee skills, fostering professional development and protecting health and safety. We’re also committed to sustainability. As a global company, we provide our clients with sustainable engineering solutions that tackle the environmental challenges of today.

Engaged people

With our Engaged People program, Altran is committed to improving the work environment and creating a common management style and culture across the globe. All our employees benefit from a framework for defining career paths, competence mapping, assessment and development. Because our success depends on each individual’s engagement, we’re dedicated to ensuring their fair treatment and well-being.

Fighting global warming

Solar Impulse / CSR

The world's first solar-powered, round-the-world flight

The success of Solar Impulse's pioneering flight depended on our mission-critical routing and autopilot systems.

Fostering the public interest

In several regional markets, we encourage staff to take part in skill-sponsorship programs aimed at public interest initiatives. In France, these projects have involved the themes of culture, solidarity and innovation. In Belgium, we are supporting the Digitalent initiative that gives young people a chance to create a digital project with the help of a tutor from Altran.