Our world is undergoing one of its most exciting and dramatic moments of transformation ever. Digitization is likely to go down in the history of mankind as a major milestone that led us to revisit the way we interact with our environment, our past and our future, like the invention of writing or printing

Why Altran?

Software is key for companies to surf the digital wave, whilst digital is the new normal – adapt or be disrupted.
Companies are either born-digital or are in the midst of a rapid digital transformation. Altran is helping organizations accelerate time to market, creating new products/services, driving operational efficiencies and delivering new client experiences.



Specialist engineers throughout the world


We work with leading companies to create new client experiences, build and deploy cutting-edge products, and deliver operational efficiencies at the continuous speed of today’s markets. Our capabilities span across five global service lines.


    We design and develop human-centered experiences, from consumer-facing to backend digital and embedded systems that deliver superior customer experiences throughout all points of the customer journey, including omni-channel experiences using a wide-variety of emerging technologies.

  • Software Product Engineering & Cybersecurity

    We engineer products that can be deployed in private, public or hybrid cloud. One-stop-shop for all software product development with state-of-the-art Agile and DevOps methodologies, processes and tools. We embed security as part of IT, OT, IoT, product development.

  • IT & OT Systems Integration

    We drive our clients’ IT & OT systems integration, leveraging our software integration frameworks, proven methodologies and in-depth knowledge of various IT & Enterprise applications (as ERP) and OT systems (e.g. PLM, MES, SCADA…).

  • Advanced Network Technology & IoT

    We engineer the connectivity technologies that make sense for the industries. Either IoT, Edge or 5G, we leverage a unique pool of talents, labs, tools and frameworks across the globe to help our clients build, test and deploy new connectivity solutions that accelerate their business.
    We adapt complex communications systems solutions into industries to solve their Digital Transformation challenges.

  • Data Analytics & AI

    We partner with our clients to build exceptional digital business capabilities and outperform competition thanks to AI and data science. We offer a comprehensive suite of machine learning and data analytics offerings.



Our WCC uses data to supply clients with insight enabling faster decision-making and reduced costs, along with forecasting and explaining new trends.

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Digital Transformation

  • Altran Cloud Center

    Altran Cloud Center deliver expertise and managed services across:

    • Solution architecture, application development and management
    • DevOps
    • Internet of Things, big data, BI, Analytics, AR/VR, HoloLens and AI
    • Business architecture & innovation
  • Modern Workplace & Office 365

    Altran offers award-winning services in:

    • Digital Workplace and Intranet solutions
    • Strategy and Advisory services in Office 365 and SharePoint
    • Document Management and Collaboration solutions
  • IT Management

    Altran offer business oriented, high value services in

    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Business Architecture
    • Program and Project Management
    • Business analysis and process development
    • Interim management

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Digital Transformation

The Digital Shift has happened

A transformation in three dimensions


Our key assets in Digital


    A culture of real applied innovation


    International team with diverse profiles


    Complete portfolio of digital expertise


    Best use of DevOps and Agile Methods

  • IOT

    Unique expertise in IoT, Cybersecurity and AI