Today’s increased complexity and fast moving product cycles require new sorts of engineering solutions that can manage the higher velocity, volume and complexity of today’s products, systems and services.

Why Altran?

We have been the #1 engineering partner of the most demanding and R&D intensive industries for 30 years. We are strategic innovation partners of most of the 500 largest spenders in R&D across 11 different industries and the undisputed leader in key sectors such as Aerospace & Defense, Communications, Semiconductors & Electronics. With a unique scale and breadth in talent pool, industry knowledge and engagement models, we are keeping industrial leaders ahead of the game.



Specialist engineers throughout the world


We design, engineer, and test complex systems & products, providing point expertise, assets and services on any specific steps of the product development lifecycle, or taking responsibility on full product development projects, across five main Service Lines.

  • Product Design & Development

    We identify opportunities, design the strategy, the product, its ecosystem and the customer experience. We produce detailed specifications and first series of products when needed. We shape the organizations in order to do all this in a consistent and sustained manner over time.

  • Systems Engineering

    We help organizations deploy and improve Systems Engineering processes and technologies into their product development activities, achieve a continuous digital thread of product information and ensure that product and system safety is adequately addressed in the development and deployment lifecycle.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    We engineer mechanical systems including mechanics, material engineering, thermodynamics, and energy sciences. This includes Systems, Sub-Systems & Parts development; modelling, simulation & installation.

  • Silicon, Electronics & Embedded Systems

    We analyze, design, develop and integrate semiconductors, boards & software to realize new & renewed electrical & electronic platforms and products. We leverage competence in VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), embedded hardware & software to develop intelligent embedded systems with disruptive technologies across our industries.

  • Testing & Compliance

    We break things so no one else can… and deliver superior quality products. We operate dedicated product test facilities and multi-technology test labs: Quality engineering, Certifications & critical systems, AI powered testing strategies.


We provide engineering product and service development services from technology-based strategy and idea conception through transfer to production, delivering innovative solutions with reduced time-to-market, increased return on investment and reduced risk.

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The Digital Twin: Creating digital operations today to deliver business value tomorrow

Digital twins allow companies to improve a variety of business processes, whether its boosting production efficiency of a factory or optimizing the performance of products in the field.



E-mobility accelerating towards maturity

Challenges in a new ecosystem


Our key assets in Product & systems engineering


    A culture of real applied innovation


    International team with diverse profiles


    Complete portfolio of skills & expertise


    Variety of engagement models to accelerate innovation

  • IOT

    At the heart of the engineering ecosystem of the most demanding industries