Faced with ever-greater quantities of data, businesses need analytics services that deliver real, tangible value from this precious new resource at speed.



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Meeting the challenge

Collecting data does not realize its potential value. Business projects that start with clearly defined objectives and people who understand how data can capture business opportunities do. Tessella – Altran World Class Center for Analytics – leverages its extensive knowledge of data science, analytics technology and industrial domains to identify the solution that’s right for you.

The partner of choice

We use data science to accelerate evidence-based decision-making, enabling businesses to improve profitability, reduce costs, streamline operations, avoid errors and out-innovate the competition.

World Class Centers

Delivering success: Tessella, Altran's WCC for Analytics

We are innovative problem-solvers, supplying effective answers to complex business and technical challenges on behalf of the world's most forward-thinking organizations.

Our key offers

Tessella Analytics Partnership
A managed service that is revolutionizing analytics-driven business value. This flexible solution supplies expert data science and analytics capability when you need it.

Analytics Consulting & Development
A project-based approach to finding and implementing innovative ideas to solve complex problems, using the latest data science and technologies.

Analytics services part of Altran’s unique end-to-end solution that enables the IoT & Data driven transformation


Case study

Analytics in action

From optimizing rail services to predicting global health risks, our projects are all about making the world a better place.

  • Improving customer insight & brand loyalty

    We helped a global food giant to deploy behavioral models that help consumers identify healthier options, building brand loyalty.

  • Optimizing infrastructure investment

    Our detailed cost-to-serve customer profiling enabled a major utility to establish a competitive advantage during the retail liberalization of their market.

Five rules for data analytics

Rule 1: Decisions first, data last

Start by identifying the decisions needed to advance the business, then focus on the data.

Rule 2: A big vision with quick wins

Big picture plans should focus on multiple smaller projects delivering fast results and rapid value.

Rule 3: Master the How, When & Who

Clear understanding of the audience, the way they engage & when information is needed are essential.

Rule 4: Replace silos with collaboration

Successful data projects are partnerships between groups with different goals, mindsets & ways of working.

Rule 5: Take a scientific approach

There is an important difference between observing correlations and actually understanding what those seemingly simple observations are telling you.

Five rules to deliver value from data analytics

An executive's guide