IRIDIUM: A next-generation satellite handset



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    1 year

    from initial design to volume manufacturing 



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We developed the next generation of Iridium's iconic satellite handset, enhancing performance, adding new features and reducing cost.

A lifeline for users

Iridium’s handsets must provide reliable communication in locations where no other handset can operate. Iridium’s customers need a rugged, dependable design that works effectively: whether you’re out at sea, up a mountain or camped at the North Pole. Our innovative design – devised by Cambridge Consultants – met all of those goals.

Accomplishing our mission

As the ongoing developer of Iridium’s core platform technology, we needed to come up with a forward-looking platform that could adapt to new products in the future. As the technical authority for handset design, we collaborated with Iridium’s manufacturing and operations partners across multiple time zones. The new handset delivered performance improvements in multiple areas, while meeting the stringent requirements of Iridium and its users.

Keys to success


    New added features

    Location-based services, emergency call feature & a new speakerphone that supports hands-free operation in outdoor environments

  • altran_TYP_TESTING

    Extensive testing

    To avoid development delays and ensure quality


    Clear user interface

    Adapted to the handset's professional user base


    Transfer to manufacture

    Close collaboration with Iridium's manufacturer