To drive their innovation and build competitive advantage, our clients need the best of the planet coupled with world-class expertise from their and other industries. The solution is Altran 2020. Ignition -
a strategy to deliver ever-increasing value and competitiveness.


    €3 Bn

    revenue in 2020 



    World Class Centers bringing the best expertise in their domain in 2020 



    Engineers in Global Delivery Centers by 2020 

The road ahead

Technological innovation is disrupting all industries, triggering a comprehensive rethink of development and production processes. Externalized R&D and engineering services are becoming the norm. To sharpen their competitive edge, our clients are looking for a global partner with world-class cross-industry skills and a proven mastery of the very latest technologies.

The Altran difference

To meet the challenges of a market in transformation, we have drawn up a comprehensive strategy: Altran 2020. Ignition. The overriding goal is to increase both the value and the range of solutions that we bring to our partners. To do so, we have redesigned our business models to anticipate the revolutions of tomorrow and satisfy our clients’ needs today.

Embracing tomorrow

Success in a brave new world

Altran CEO Dominique Cerutti explains how we are uniquely positioned to supply effective solutions for the business issues of the future.

Our keys for success

New circumstances call for brand new methods. Exclusive packaged solutions leverage Altran’s unrivaled scope and scale to ensure that our partners achieve their goals.


World Class Centers

Boosting added value with integrated solutions and the best expertise on the planet.

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Industrialized GlobalShore®

A scalable global supply chain of engineering and R&D services, delivered at a competitive price.

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Traditional R&D under attack

  1. Time to market
    Faster adoption rates combine with larger product ranges and shorter lead times.
  2. Digital disruption
    Software is driving value creation and creating connected ecosystems, in which all businesses are becoming digital.
  3. Breakthrough technologies
    The Internet of Things is transforming products, while transport becomes autonomous and Industry 4.0 disrupts supply chains.
  4. Global or marginal
    Global hotspots for R&D investment are increasingly disconnected from resource pools.
  5. Differentiation
    Companies are striving to consolidate their competitive advantage by all means available.
  6. Draconian regulations
    Companies have to cope with stringent regulations alongside increasing scrutiny by civil society.