A personalised career path

A customised integration programme

Everyone who joins Altran receives a personal introduction plan: it’s both a source of in-depth knowledge about the Group, its activities and processes and a guide to the specific opportunities it offers for your professional development. We also organise special seminars, giving you a chance to meet the significant people who will support you throughout your career at Altran.



new employees in UK in 2016

Fostering your professional development

Developing your knowledge and skills is a constant and essential part of your experience at Altran. Our training plan is designed to address your individual needs: it includes technology, languages, project and team management, business development and personal development. A dedicated training academy provides face-to-face tuition, while online and distance training provide additional, more flexible options.


Over 35 hours

of personal training per employee to be undertaken in 2017

International career opportunities

Altran’s unprecedented global reach enables us to offer an extensive range of destinations to extend your professional and personal horizons. Geographical mobility can be one of the features of a career with Altran. Working together with Human Resources and managers, our mobility team provides customised support, assisting you with every aspect of your move.


Over 20

different countries of recruitment



2 minutes with… Melania Gangitano, Advanced Consultant in Italy

What makes Altran an exciting place to work?
At Altran, we encourage and support our employees to build their own career and develop themselves. Want to explore how it is like to work for a global leader in Engineering and R&D services? Let’s discover our employees testimonials.

Specific roles at Altran

  • Consultant

    As a consultant, your job involves finding innovative solutions to challenging problems. Leveraging your high-tech skills, you will design and improve our clients’ products, processes, services and manufacturing techniques.

  • Business Development

    This role is aimed at business-oriented people specialised in strengthening partnerships with clients. You will be expected to be an expert in promoting our offers and solutions inside and outside of Altran, supporting strategic marketing and business development.

  • Departments

    As a member of our Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Communications departments, you will play a vital role in helping Altran to promote its unique vision and values.


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