In the face of new driver behavior, diverse powertrain technologies, stricter environmental regulations and a booming demand for connectivity, automotive players need to reinvent their role - focusing on core activities and creating efficient eco-systems with strategic partners.


    $221 Bn

    that is the amount the ADAS market is expected to represent in 2020 


    90 %

    of vehicles will be connected in 2020 


    41 M

    EVs sold expected by 2040 


The automotive industry is facing a revolution. New players are entering the car market, empowered by innovative and disruptive technologies. Younger generations with different expectations are fostering new business models, and drive an extreme differentiation of the product portfolio with a multiplication of vehicle variants. Meanwhile, stricter environmental and safety regulations are imposing significant new investments on manufacturers. This requires new technology breakthroughs such as electrification of powertrains and new electric/electronic architecture.


  • Autonomous driving & connectivity

    Altran accelerates your innovation and integration in the field of Autonomous Driving and Connectivity by leveraging its global expertise and asset-based solutions
    Autonomous Driving / ADAS
    Infotainment / Connectivity
    Electric / Electronic architecture

  • Powertrain & electro mobility

    Altran takes you to the next level with its unrivaled expertise in hybrid and electric powertrains, from integration through to validation
    Electric Powertrain
    Powertrain Testing

  • Complete vehicle development

    Altran supports your complete vehicle development with end-to-end capabilities for design and manufacturing, from system through to complete vehicle derivatives
    Style & Design
    Class A Surfacing
    Body in white
    Passive Safety
    Manufacturing 4.0



automotive specialists located in 15 countries

  • ALTRAN_Industrial-Digitisation
  • Combining industry, process, data and software engineering to transform product and service development times, costs and quality; capitalising knowledge, intellectual property and regulatory compliance.

  • ALTRAN_Verification-Validation
  • Altran offers Verification and Validation solutions covering the testing and development lifecycle – from Model-in-the-Loop (MiL) through to Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) for complex real-time embedded systems.


Our software frameworks help clients leverage standard software and components to accelerate development of connected solutions.

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  • Case study / PSA

    We supply PSA – Europe’s second-biggest auto manufacturer – with expertise in all areas of automotive engineering, from body design and mechanics to sophisticated and intelligent on-board systems. Our unique Industrialized GlobalShore® approach combined with Altran’s distinctive World-class Centers enable PSA to optimize the entire range of research, development and engineering resources at its disposal, both internally and in partnership with Altran. With a focus on value-added services such as connectivity and autonomous driving, PSA’s R&D teams know they can find the expertise they need from over 2 000 Altran engineers spread across the globe.


    The Intelligent Systems Expertise Centre of Altran UK specialises in the design and construction of high-integrity systems and software, including those with the most demanding safety, security and business requirements.


    The Systems and Safety Expertise Centre of Altran UK specialises in the development, audit, and assessment of critical engineering systems. We engage in both the development and the independent audit and assessment of large, complex, and critical programmes across the world. Our industry expertise includes rail, nuclear, aerospace, defence, and related environmental assessment.



engineers worldwide accessible to PSA's R&D teams


Cybersecurity in automotive: how to stay ahead of cyber threats

The increasing capabilities offered by connected computer systems enable a wide range of features and services, but with them comes the threat of malicious attacks



A unique Style and Design Center

Devoted to researching, conceiving and developing style and design solutions, our center in Turin brings together designers, CAS modelers, UX and interface designers, along with a VR display.

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Autonomous Driving 5 main techno challenges Position Paper

Autonomous vehicles – whether for personal transport or freight delivery – could offer a potentially enormous disruption to life, business and society. The possible benefits - reductions in accidents arising from human error, reduced cost & environmental impact of transport, liberation of time currently committed to driving, and accessibility to a wider range of users - are all theoretically addressable.


Software-defined vehicles

Software has a key role to play in the shift towards vehicle autonomy.


Altran in Automotive

Empowering the next generation of cars


Our key automotive assets



    With leading car makers and tiers 1 & 2 companies


    Deep understanding

    Of design & development as well as manufacturing


    Cross industries synergies

    Aerospace, Telecoms, Railway or Semi-conductors


    Seamless global delivery

    Relying on our Global Delivery Centers worldwide


    Dedicated expertise centers

    Passive Safety or Autonomous Driving/ADAS


    Disruptive technologies

    Such as Advanced architecture and 3D printing