Cognitive Policy Orchestration and Control

Corporate IT enterprises across all industries are modernizing their datacenters to drive innovation and business growth. This transformational pivot aims to replace purpose-built infrastructure and fragmented management with flexible, converged and cohesive platforms. Traditional siloed systems are becoming obsolete, replaced by flexible, scalable software-defined models that can support the demand-driven services that businesses increasingly rely on to drive revenue.

To fulfill this transformation process, various interdisciplinary analytics must be monitored from across many functions and applications including service-delivery processes, network assurance and enterprise customer experience. These intelligent inputs help enterprises make smarter decisions, enhance customer engagement and deliver greater efficiencies and lower costs.

Achieving higher performance requires a cognitive layer that dynamically selects the policies to achieve guided closed-loop automation. The cognitive layer takes into account the real-time context and replaces the static rules-based policy engine that may give inaccurate results regarding infrastructure and application monitoring decisions.



Cognitive Policy Orchestration and Control

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